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Our commitments

At Casyx, we make highly-durable tech accessories that you will take everywhere.

In face of the largest challenge Humanity has ever faced, we truly believe we have to reinvent the way we consume. We cannot afford anymore to waste considerable amounts of resources into producing items that will need to be replaced a few months later. We all have a responsibility to consume better.
We believe that by drastically increasing the lifespan of the products we use, and by carefully designing them to use the most eco-friendly materials possible, we can greatly reduce our global impact.
So we set out on a mission to designing and making the best tech accessories you can possibly find. We focus on using innovative carbon-neutral and high-quality materials so that you can keep them for many years. From our metal zipper to our recycled canvas fabric, all the components of our products have been carefully thought out to ensure your product will last, while minimising resources consumption.
And to really take this commitment a step further, we created an Upcycling Program for used items. Once your products reach the end of their life, you can ship them back us, free of charge. We will then ensure that they are properly taken care of and eventually have a happy new life at no additional cost for the environment.

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